23:45 agency or Fifteen Minutes to Midnight („Penkiolika minučių iki vidurnakčio“) is a full-spectrum communications agency founded in 2017 that only offers services you truly need. We are close by and will work until midnight to help you catch up before Cinderella rushes home and the spells are over.

When developing communication strategies, we examine all factors in such detail that we can distinguish grain from mice. We do not overlook a single detail when implementing projects, even if the circumstances change 360 ​​degrees in an hour. We’re also creative – if needed, we can easily transform a pumpkin into a carriage.

We’re more than just a communications agency. We are your partners because we genuinely care about you.

About us

It takes two to tango. That’s why we grow our team every year and we currently have eight communication professionals on board. Let's meet!

Guoda Giedraitė
Associated Partner

Gerda Trapikaitė
Project Manager

Evelina Mišeikytė
Team Lead

Eglė Kotryna Luščiauskaitė
Project Manager

Asta Dirmaitė
Project Manager

Urtė Jarmalaitė
Junior Project Manager

Ieva Citrinavičiūtė
Junior Project Manager

Dovilė Tamkvaitė